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Residential Services

At Enex Fuels, we provide “Peace of Mind” comfort for your family. That means we ensure you always have quality heating oil at great prices. It also means hassle-free maintenance of your heating system, convenient financing and payment options and expert, trusted advice. That’s Peace of Mind!

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We’ve got you covered! Enex offers a number of attractive and convenient programs to help you with you including, auto-delivery, budget payment, finance programs, and discounts.

Sales & Leasing

We sell and install quality, name-brand furnaces, hot water tanks, and oil tanks.  We only deal with reputable, long-standing manufacturers with high-quality products. Our line of high-efficiency furnaces can take a bite out of your annual heating bills.  We offer great financing rates, and we have a simple process to get you started.

Equipment Services

At Enex, our fully qualified team of professionals can install your home heating equipment as efficiently as our oil can heat your home.  Trust our expertise to create a healthy and comfortable living environment.  Our service tech offer 24-hour emergency calls, repair services, maintenance and installation.  Whatever your system needs, our experts are here to help.

Heating Oils

Heating your home with oil offers a year-round solution. It’s a clean and efficient method that’s not only reliable, but safe as well. Enex can provide all of your heating needs by delivering high-quality Esso branded home heating oils right to your door. If you’re looking for ways to increase your energy efficiency and decrease your environmental footprint, Enex can help.

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  1. You can now apply online, over the phone, or in person! One of our highly-qualified team members will help you complete all the necessary paper work and outline delivery, payment, and service options with you.
  2. We will arrange a Comprehensive Inspection of your heating system by a certified Enex Fuels Service Technician. Our inspection will determine if your heating system is in good working order, that all heating equipment, supply lines and oil tank are installed to code, and that there are no safety concerns. We think that is just good, sound practice.
  3. We will notify your previous heating oil supplier that you have switched to Enex.

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Click the ‘Apply for an Account’ button and you will be redirected to a secure page where you can enter your information and submit an application. One of our Customer Service Representatives will receive your application, review the details, and contact you with the next steps. It’s that easy!
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Give us a call at any of our offices or send us a message using this form. We’ll be happy to talk you through the application process over the phone or even come visit you at your home!
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Enex Fuels is growing because we have a great team. It is through the concerted efforts of our team that we continue to improve and thrive in a very competitive and dynamic industry. We intend to keep growing in our current business segments and in new geographies and business lines.
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